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This Website is used by LEATHER CHEF, Registered Office: 8500 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA. The use of the subsequent terms; “Us”, “We”, “Our” refers to LEATHER CHEF. The words “You”, “Your” and “You’re” are allusions to users of this website and customers of the Leathers Chef


1.1 Usage of this Site validates your contract to both terms and Conditions as well as Terms and Conditions of Sale related to this online shop. 1.2 We substitute the right to change at our decision these Terms and Conditions at any moment and constant use of this website will be interpreted as your approval of any new terms. If these terms and conditions are altered in any manner the date at which they remained last updated will be included at the bottom side of this page. 1.3 By consuming this website you decide that it is for your personal non-commercial use and that whereas a sightseer to this site you will not use it to invade, restrict or misuse the rights of others, or allocate material of an unlawful nature counting but not limited to obscene, offensive, racist, intolerant, homophobic or other biased or derogatory material or physical which by its landscape is spam or intended for the elevation of another organization. 1.4 You also accept that you will not benefit or attempt to gain entry to our information technology systems to allocate any form of mischievous software meant to affect our own information technology methods or that of any other website customer. Whilst we have undertaken the essential precautions to protect Leathers Chef from mischievous software, we cannot be held liable should a third party execute any form of mischievous software on the website and the resultant effects this may have on our customers. We added the right to withdraw contact to the website at our choice if we feel and person is in destruction of our terms and conditions. 1.5 Usage of this website settles an agreement to observe all applicable rational property rights, symbols, copyrights and rights of ours.


While we will make every sweat to guarantee that our website meets the supplies set out we can in no way be held accountable except where instructed by law for losses or indemnities caused by the use of the Leathers Chef online shop or any contacts with us. This does not spread to liabilities which we cannot be excepted from under all applicable legislation.


You agree through usage of this website to insure, defend and hold harmless Leathers Chef, its employees, directors, agents, partners, licensees and any joined party from any liability through your own break of these terms and conditions or unlawful action in relation to the usage of this website.


If we do not to gross legal action whether it be illegal or civil against any party for break of these terms and conditions, this does not disturb our right to do so in future in contradiction of the same or different parties, whether it be for breaks of a similar or opposing nature.


Our online store works a guest login and user account structure. This means that when you obtaining goods from us you can pick to do so by either making a permanent user version or not. 5.1 We reserve the right to trash access to the website, alter and remove content and cancel orders at no cost to you.

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